sábado, 26 de diciembre de 2009

El Yaque was in my house...

Last night we organized a big party in my house, all people from El Yaque had come to our big BBQ and than we had a special present for all people, the famous Reggae Band "Baroni" and Rap Star "Cubano" gave us the honor to play at my terass for the El Yaque people. It was just great !! Merry Christmas to all !!

jueves, 24 de diciembre de 2009

wind, party, christmas

Merry Christmas from me too, to all the people who are fascinated in our Sport of Windsurfing and those who will be. For me the past weeks at home have been very very good, working on my new house and windsurfing a lot !!!! El Yaque is very great this season, with wind for my Skate 90 TE and the Blackberry ICE 4,7 every single day... If that was a Christmas present to all of us, thank you Santa !!! We will celebrate today first on the water and than at the beach and with a little party with my friends and family

miércoles, 16 de diciembre de 2009

Homework and sailing...

Back in El yaque, after my Brasil Trip a few weeks ago, I can say I keep myself busy. Just rebuilding my familiy´s house and sailing a lot. I can train much at the moment, when the construction gives me the time, or I take the time and work on some new Moves... Still I can´t tell you what are they, but you will see soon.... It´s just fun to have very good wind at home and to be able training whenever I want

domingo, 6 de diciembre de 2009

Last National Contest in 2009

At the moment I am in Araya on the Mainland of Venezuela, for the last national Slalom Competition of the year. It´s great, the Tour was very big in 2009 and will be for 2010 too. Here in Araya everything started very good. I was perfectly powered up on my 7,0 and the Falcon 95 and could win my first Race with Champ Alexis Carache and Diony Guadagnino on the places. In the next Race I had a bad start, even crashed at the first Jibe mark but still managed to gain enough Speed to overtake Diony before the finish Line.. We did a couple more Races and Today we will be sailing all day as well.... So I tell you more tomorrow including some images !!!

sábado, 5 de diciembre de 2009

Back from Brasil in windy El Yaque...

I just came back from very windy Brasil, a bit more than 3 weeks in Jericoacoara with all my friends, practising and celebrating hard. It was very good and this time also very enjoyable, after last year I had to leave very early with a broken shoulder from that place. This time was great to practise more new Moves and to push my windsurf a little bit more. Now I am back at home in El Yaque, where it is windy already for weeks too. Good to continue my Training before I go to my friends in Bonaire....  But now i first enjoy to be back at home with my friends here and my family...

miércoles, 7 de octubre de 2009

See the video of our 4 Dimension premiere..sick !!

We really liked the 4 dimensions Movie premiere at Sylt in the Cinema.. it was just great and we all were really stoked by the result and feedback !!!! You can see the Video about the premiere here :

lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009

My third worldtitle.. !!!!!!

It was cold and very very windy at sylt and for me it was very hard with my cold and no energy in my body... But I could defend my Worldtitle and now I can change the 2 with the 3 !!!!! I am really happy about being worldchampion again !! All the other Sailors were super good also this year and made my life very hard and of course I would have liked to be on the podium at Sylt, next time again !!! Now I enjoy a long holiday with some good Windsurf Sessions at Brasil and some promotion for the 4 Dimension Movie which is available now !!!!!!!

pics courtesy PWA / Carter

miércoles, 30 de septiembre de 2009

Premiere, Contest and sick at Sylt....

It´s already day five at the 2009 Worldcup at Sylt and we could already sail a full double elimination in Freestyle, for the first time at Sylt. In previous years we were happy to finish a Single elimination. The day before the Freestyle we had the premiere of the 4 Dimension Movie in the Sylt Cinema, it was great and the people were stoked !!! just great to see after the hard work in the past year.
The Freestyle was very hard, first the full onshore Conditions with Swell and very Choppy water plus light winds and than because i also felt very weak on the water. I felt very sick already a couple of days before the Competition and so it was very hard on the water and so I also lost earlier than I thought in the Single Elimination against Taty Frans who was sailing very strong. So I finished 5th with the other number two guys, Kiri and Tonky in front. That could be very dangerous for me since i could easily lose my number one ranking and so the worldtitle if i would loose one of the first Heats in teh Double eliminations. I was really nervous and when I saw the seeding for the Double and that I had to go against Brawzinho I didn´t feel much better... I started against Traversa in the Double with a good Heat and than I really had to do everything to win against Brawzo, even if I felt very weak now, each Move was hard but in the end I could win the close Heat and now had to beat russian Yegor to defend my Worldtitle, if there would be no more Freestyle here at Sylt. I could win this Heat and also the next one against french Akgaczyan, so I was very happy to be on fourth place now but against very strong Tonky Frans I had no energy left... In the end it was Taty who won the Double. I am very happy for him too...

pic by PWA / Carter

pic by continentseven.com

viernes, 25 de septiembre de 2009

My new Website !!

Right before the 2009 Sylt Worldcup my Website is online now !!!

Check www.gollitoestredo.com

I hope you will like it !!

miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2009

Great 4 Dimensions Premiere in Italy

The Premiere of the 4 Dimensions Movie has been a great Event at Lake Garda in Italy. The people really liked the Movie and so also very nervous Andre Paskowski got a bit more relaxed, even if the big Premieres at the World Cup Sylt next week are still to come. A lot of people came to the premiere and so we also had a great big Party afterwards.....

martes, 22 de septiembre de 2009

ION Man Lake Garda

I don´r remember how many times i have been to Lake Garda for the ION Man already, but always it has been a lot of fun !! But this year it was different, because we as Team FANATIC won !!! for the first time we could win the Event, great.. but again we had a lot of fun during climbing, SUP, Windsurf, Foto and Party Sessions !!!! Will be there next year again, for sure !!!

jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2009

Four Dimensions Interview....

Check my latest Interview for the Four Dimension Movie.. coming out soon !!!

Four Dimensions Team: Congratulations to your 1st place at the World Cup
Fuerteventura and your current leadership in the World Rankings. Season look like it
goes like planed?
Gollito: Yes I am so happy about all. Before the season started I was not sure. I watched movies from other riders which impressed me. Especially Kiri looked very
strong. After winning now the first 2 events I feel very happy and a bit more realaxed
and motivated to contiune this way during our last event on Sylt.
FD Team: Recently you have been travelling to Brasil. What was the reason?
Gollito: Yes true. After Fuerte I visited Dr. Dwarf8 Beat in Tarifa to do a clinic with him and went then back home. After only 2 days at my house i travelled all the long way to Brasil. Brasil is close to venezuela but still i traveled 30 hours. In Jeri (North Brasil)
we filmed the last part of the four dimensions movie.
FD Team: How was your time?
Gollito: It was great. Well i did not have much time but we were able to sail different spots every day. I also could land a few new moves wish was a great training too. The
most excisting was a helicopter ride to a new spot called icarai. We went together with Fabio the owner of ClubVentos and it was just great to see the coast line from above.
FD Team: Can you tell us wish new moves that were? And will we see them inside the movie?
Gollito: I landed Flaka into Shakas, Flaka into no handed shakas and Flaka into Ponch – but dont tell anybody  because I like to be the only one performing this moves on
Sylt. I guess Andre catched all on tape and so i am conviced to see them inside the
movie still I have to say that the plan is to keep our brasil part with more lifestyle and
traveling focus.
FD Team: Now you are back home. Whats coming up on your time schedule on the next 4 weeks?
Gollito: Yes thats right. I am in El Yaque right now spending and enjoying some time with my family and friends. This always gives me back the power for the tour. Then
in 2 weeks I am going to Paskowski´s house and we will drive down to Lake Garda to
do the ION Men contest. After I spend a few days in Andres house again and we get ready
for Sylt. There I try to win the 3rd world title and look forward to finally see the movie on big screen inside the cinema:-)
FD Team: Have you not seen any parts of the movie yet?
Gollito: I did see 2-3 parts and i got impressed. The way of editing and the angles of filming combined with action, story and lifestyle was great. But the full movie will
be even better i guess so i have to wait and see.
FD Team: Do you do any special training for Sylt?
Gollito: No not really. I am sailing once it is windy and trying to push my level. But more then anything is that i look to get energy back to bring my level on the point in
the most important minutes this year.

martes, 18 de agosto de 2009

Four Dimensions - Movie....

After my last Competition at Fuerteventura i went to Tarifa for one week for a really nice Event of Dwarf8 and WET Shop in Tarifa.. It has been a very nice and good windy time.... After Tarifa I went to Brasil to finish Andre Paskowski´s Movie "Four Dimensions" with Andre, Me, Victor Fernandez and Brawzinho... this Movie will set new Standards in Windsurf Videos for sure... don´t miss it.. you can see the trailer and all Info at

domingo, 2 de agosto de 2009

The heat is over and I am number one again.....

After three days of waiting and a lot of heat at Fuerteventura, i am really happy that I could win the double Elimination against a really strong Tonky Frans and so I could win my second PWA Contest this year. I really like to sail at Fuerteventura and hopefully also next year they manage to do this Competition ! Right after the Competition was over, the wind came back and I had a real fun session with my new ICE 4,7 and the new Skate 90.... So I was ready for the Party... unbelievable how many people came to the Party Tent to party with us and I can say we really had soo much fun there..... Now I go to the Dwarf8 and WET Event in Tarifa before leaving to Brasil for the last part of our Four Dimension Movie which will come out soon and will set new standards in Windsurf Videos for sure.....

Pics by PWA/Carter

pic by www.tom-brendt-foto.de

miércoles, 29 de julio de 2009

I could win the first Double Elimination

I am very happy today, when I won the Final against Tonky, I knew it was very close and so i was even more happy when I was the winner of this Heat and so of the first Double Elimination. I know some more will follow, if the wind does not play games like today in the afternoon..... But I will do my best to win also the next round...

pics by : PWA / Carter

pics by : tom-brendt-foto.de

domingo, 26 de julio de 2009

only one day to go....

Only one more day before we start with our next Freestyle Worldcup here at Fuerteventura. Today we were sailing totally powered up with more than 40 knots after the spectacular slalom Race... tomorrow we will have our inscriptions and the opening ceremony. I hope I can improve my result from last year and win again here, but the competition is hard.... today i had a small training session in the lagoon.....

sábado, 25 de julio de 2009

Dwarf 8 Event in Tarifa

I am waiting at Fuerteventura for the Competition to start, hopefully it will get a little better, at the moment everybody is almost killing themselves on the water, too many people in too choppy and gustry conditions.. it will be nice to sail with four people only in the Competition...

Right after the Contest here at Fuerte, I will go straight to Tarifa, where we do a nice Event with Dwarf 8 and the WET Shop Tarifa.... see Dwarf8.com

lunes, 20 de julio de 2009

windy windy fuerte

After coming back to Fuerte, I just arrived yesterday from Pozo, I could sail today on my new Skates and my new ICE 4,2.. It was pretty windy but vnice to be back on flat water... also if the conditions will be different during the contest for sure.. the forecast say more swell, i like this....

Fotos by : tom-brendt-foto.de

sábado, 18 de julio de 2009

Gran Canaria to Fuerte - with new Move

Gran Canaria Worldcup is over. With new experience in Waves and a new Move I go to Fuerteventura now. You can see the new Move from Tonky which I did at Gran Canaria...

Bongka Video

And for Fuerteventura there will be reports and images also here :

jueves, 16 de julio de 2009

Bit unlucky at Pozo Worldcup

For the second time I competed at the PWA Wave Worldcup at Pozo and i was a little unlucky... My jumping was good enough but I couldn´t find the right waves to perform some good waverides and advance one round. After some Slalom days and some Freestyle Training today I could finally sail in waves again and straight against my friend Diony Guadagnino, who sailed very strong and got into the next round... Now it´s time for me to get prepared for the Freestyle Worldcup at Fuerteventura....

domingo, 5 de julio de 2009

I won Lanzarote... just a great Event !!!!

We had really sick conditions at the 2009 Lanzarote PWA Worldcup with lots of wind and huge Waves..... I loved it and I could win here again, for the third time !!!! I still cannot really believe it ! I am really happy about my result and was pretty relaxed.. too relaxed to be honest and so i was sleeping during my single elimination heat, some people think it was on purpose but was really not true, I always want to win and was really angry about me having lost that heat.... but I could fight back and win ten Heats !! I never had to do this in my life... was a very different experience but i hope it will never happen again !!! now it is some time to celebrate before the wave event in Pozo ....

lunes, 1 de junio de 2009

Venezuelan Freestyle Champion again....

The 2009 Margarita Wildwinds are over and I could defend my title as venezuelan Freestyle Champion by winning the Wildwinds in the final against really good sailing Kiri Thode.....

lunes, 4 de mayo de 2009

on the way to egypt......

i just left my Island and home for two weeks, going to egypt for a Foto and Videoshoot.. last year we had a really great time there and some sick footage.. i guess this year could be even better... i like that place... but after two weeks i will be back in El Yaque, for the Margarita Wildwinds Competition..... www.margaritawildwinds.com

lunes, 27 de abril de 2009

I won Copa ONA this weekend.....

Last weekend we had the Copa ONA in El Yaque, another Stop of the venezuelan Windsurf Tour.... I inscribed for Slalom and Freestyle and for the Kitesurf Race and Freestyle. In Slalom with 9 long distance Races I tried very hard to beat venezuelan Champ Alexis Carache, but I could only beat him twice and the rest he was a little bit in front... next time !!! I could win Freestyle in the final against Cheo Diaz..... and In front of my brother Leo I could win the Kitesurf Race !!! The next Competition is the Margarita Wildwinds.. maybe as Worldcup, end of May !!!!

jueves, 23 de abril de 2009

National Competition this weekend....

This weekend we will have another Stopp of the national Windsurf Tour in El Yaque.. with the Copa ONA we will have Freestyle and Slalom in El Yaque... the last days i was training quite a lot on the Slalom Gear and doing some Freestyle in the late afternoon.... i´m already really curious about the event...

lunes, 20 de abril de 2009

windy training for our next competition....

Finally it became windy almost every day for the 4,7 and 4,5 full power the last two weeks... right to train for our next Competition of the venezuelan national windsurf tour, which will be in el yaque next weekend, from the 24 - 26 of april... and also a good training for a possible PWA Freestyle in El Yaque end of May.. we hope that it is gonna happen !!!!!