martes, 30 de septiembre de 2008

What a day at Sylt.... I love it....

Today we started the Competition, the last Freestyle Competition of 2008 and my chance to get my 2006 Worldtitle back.... The conditions were really tough... a massive Shorebreak and low winds... I was sailing my new 5,4 and the 100litre Board.... sometimes it became really hard to go out... if you don´t go one heat earlier, you might not have a chance to be on time in your Heat... that´s Sylt !! :-)
with the competition the wind got stronger and stronger (so did the rain ) and in the first 3 minutes of my final against antxon otaegui i was pretty powered up on my 5,0 before within five seconds the wind died completely to zero and we were not able to do anything in the remaining 2 minutes.... but anyway i´m stoked with my 2 place which would mean the on sunday i´ll get my crown back ... yeaaah !!!!!!!!#

all images by PWA / Carter

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