miércoles, 30 de septiembre de 2009

Premiere, Contest and sick at Sylt....

It´s already day five at the 2009 Worldcup at Sylt and we could already sail a full double elimination in Freestyle, for the first time at Sylt. In previous years we were happy to finish a Single elimination. The day before the Freestyle we had the premiere of the 4 Dimension Movie in the Sylt Cinema, it was great and the people were stoked !!! just great to see after the hard work in the past year.
The Freestyle was very hard, first the full onshore Conditions with Swell and very Choppy water plus light winds and than because i also felt very weak on the water. I felt very sick already a couple of days before the Competition and so it was very hard on the water and so I also lost earlier than I thought in the Single Elimination against Taty Frans who was sailing very strong. So I finished 5th with the other number two guys, Kiri and Tonky in front. That could be very dangerous for me since i could easily lose my number one ranking and so the worldtitle if i would loose one of the first Heats in teh Double eliminations. I was really nervous and when I saw the seeding for the Double and that I had to go against Brawzinho I didn´t feel much better... I started against Traversa in the Double with a good Heat and than I really had to do everything to win against Brawzo, even if I felt very weak now, each Move was hard but in the end I could win the close Heat and now had to beat russian Yegor to defend my Worldtitle, if there would be no more Freestyle here at Sylt. I could win this Heat and also the next one against french Akgaczyan, so I was very happy to be on fourth place now but against very strong Tonky Frans I had no energy left... In the end it was Taty who won the Double. I am very happy for him too...

pic by PWA / Carter

pic by continentseven.com

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