domingo, 6 de diciembre de 2009

Last National Contest in 2009

At the moment I am in Araya on the Mainland of Venezuela, for the last national Slalom Competition of the year. It´s great, the Tour was very big in 2009 and will be for 2010 too. Here in Araya everything started very good. I was perfectly powered up on my 7,0 and the Falcon 95 and could win my first Race with Champ Alexis Carache and Diony Guadagnino on the places. In the next Race I had a bad start, even crashed at the first Jibe mark but still managed to gain enough Speed to overtake Diony before the finish Line.. We did a couple more Races and Today we will be sailing all day as well.... So I tell you more tomorrow including some images !!!

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